Secure By Design

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This month as part of our internal updates Ryan Browne, former police officer provided an insight into Secure by Design (SBD)  and how it is integrated into constructions and Health & Safety.

Formed in 1989-Secured by Design focuses on incorporating crime prevention aspects into residential and commercial designs, and is a police backed standard. 

Did you know ? “In one year alone, some 700,000 burglaries could be thwarted if appropriate security devices were installed, representing an annual saving of more than £1.97 billion”.

Whilst SBD is not mandatory for residential/commercial projects and is at the discretion of the client, the overall benefits of securing your property is in invaluable. SBD is an effective way of having real satisfaction and assurance that your property is secured to the best it can be – whether this is your own business premises or your own home.

Below is a picture of a residential house- Can you spot the possible concern? 

Answer - The Green electricity box, tree, and wheelie bin all situated next to the wall of the house, this eases the chance of a burglar climbing into the back garden

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